Ana Meh Nan

Ana Meh Nan
Structure of Things
the Verses
ANA - 天照 - दुर्गा

That what once fell will now rise again, what was once risen will now fall Deep.


It'll give way to the Lord of Sheep(le).


Many will tremble with Fear.


But She will show Herself to be Here.


Brother and Sister will Campaign.


Resistance from the Lord of Sheep(le) will prove to be in Vain.


When Brother and Sister equal Mother and Father with Perception.


It is time for Them to lift the Veil of Deception.



Ancient warriors, brave, fierce and loyal with their long short hair.

She would like You to be aware.


Soon Your test will be here.

Protect all which is near.


Stay aware of deception.

Be sure to make way for reception.


Then gather all You can, not just Your Kin.

And make your way to Origin.


Facsimile painting by Charles K. Wilkinson of scene in Ramesside tomb at Deir el-Medina

When the time has come and events are not exactly as you thought they would turn out to be, please remember the following.

No matter who you are, what religion you uphold, searching, looking, wondering for, trust in the essence of the message of the Son of Man.


Do not judge, for it is not your place to decide who's right and wrong. Judge Yourselves instead for they who deceive themselves cannot be saved.

Give quarter and help to those who need it, regardless of who they are or hail from. Reject and show no mercy to those who deceive, for that is not judging.


Reject the Gods of Silver and Gold, turn from the system of Beast, it can never be Balanced and is Destructive, for there will be no mercy for those who don't.

Accept Harmony, Balance and Equality and let no man stray from that.


Wait until that day your fearful eyes will be closed forever and the presence of the essence of Source has returned to the minds and eyes of Man. As it was at the days of beginning of the Old World, so it will be again.


Migration (Hopi Owa Tutuveni)
To my Native Brothers and others concerned.

Don't worry, I do not think, nor am I "the" White Brother, just "a" White Brother.










When the head (the Spiritual) and the body (the Material) are (re) united, two destinies become as one, marking the end of a path or journey and combining both back into One Brotherhood with one single path to follow (2 paths become one).

​​​​​​​​​​Then... there will be a start for closure on the 4th World so it can migrate into the 5th.