I'll be laying it out for Ye, step by step that is.  What I will disclose for now is that everything evolves around these "Guys" in the pics below (History part), Everything! Some call them Demons others Djinn, but most Ancients would have called them Gods and no, they're not "Aliens", but a Pre-Flood Species who still had Pre-Flood tech at their disposal (Vimana's, Genetic Knowledge etc). Unfortunately understanding of Alternative Historic sense would be preferred to make soup of this, but hey, give it a go nonetheless... Enjoy!


All of the Topics discussed on this website are of my own conclusion and/or "work" on it, I have looked and found similar minds after my initial research, it's actually and foremost quite bizarre if You would ask me personally, but as mentioned before, these are just my findings, nothing more. The Buttons on the top right contain drop downs, enjoy your time here.


"Not Trying to be Absolute"...
"I just wish it was that easy"...

Image Filtering:

Pictures are merely gatherings of information, nothing more, time standing still. Now, not everything inside of a picture is seen, small details are still there, but you would need a magnifying apparatus to detect them. The same goes for energy, you know, emanating from an object, the information of the object will travel inside the light, the same light one captures when making a picture. If one filters smart, things are to be found, simple as that.  It is mathematically impossible for the software to generate these Images on it's own and with this amount of detail, do the numbers yourself. However, for me personally it's more about the journey instead of being right. Strange thing is though, the filtered "Anomalies" always point towards some sort of Vibrational/Frequencial Energy distributing device and/or attachments, or even portals in a "Black Hole", personally I do not believe in all that coincidence, besides, funny how that shit is also related to light eh.  Anyway, enjoy my Vids.

Example of Black Hole Portals, Link to Image (Credit NASA) .


This "Species" is best described as very smart/intelligent, jealous, extremely materialistic, vain, suffering from God complex, full Control over Pineal Gland, tricksters (using/passing tech as "magic"), wanting to be adored and worshiped by dumbed-down masses.

Elongated skulls found in Peru’s Paracas Peninsula. Image by Brien Foerster, via Collective Evolution.

Psychopathic, non empathic, Control Freaks who work through extreme forms of  order and have no conscious how to get to their objective.  Puppet Masters of the Highest level, especially from behind the curtains and like ourselves, they too, are part of a bigger story, accepting that these creatures are also being used, although freely participating . They are also known as Thamiel, aka double headed (not to be confused with two heads) Demons of Revolt and Anarchy.