History: Introduction.

As I dug deeper into the matter of our history, Pre-flood and Post-flood, the more I got both excited and freaked out, at the same time that is. Nevertheless, it's (to me anyway) really fascinating. Also important to understand is, is that I am not a Religious Person, I believe in Source, but not in Organized Religion, that said, I do respect the People who truly follow the path towards their conviction. I also like to keep this work as short and direct as possible, so I am keeping examples to a minimum, that said, everything I am showing Ye here is simply verified by Yourselves if You feel like.  The many links are added to keep the article interactive and to make You aware of some great researchers out there.

Image: Vulcan Post.

Now, what's a Pyramid? No, I don't mean it's function, I mean the basics of a Pyramid. A Pyramid is three squares, think about that one for a while, once You start getting that, You will have made a first step towards understanding part of 369.

​Obviously I will create separate partitions for each point of interest.


​Nahan (Origin): 


My take on how the Universe came into existence & how and where We were created.

​Pre-Flood (> 10.000 BC): 


Short oversight into a largely fragmented era.

​Post-Flood (< 10.000 BC):


The Deception.

369 "Breath of Life":

A Little more on the numbers & some cryptic weird shit.

Ana Meh Nan, Hopi Owa Tutuveni & Verses:

Cryptic weird shit & Solving of the Owa Tutuveni.