Nahan (Origin)

Where to start here eh? Perhaps imagine that You are inside a white room without walls. Gets pretty boring after a while I suppose, in any case, one would desperately want to experience something, anything.

Amen (Creation)

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Source (Brahma, Great Spirit, Eternity, the Universal Builder (not the Architect!) etc) probably created the Universe. We don't get this concept simply because we are linear beings and therefore slaves to the idea of time. We simply do not understand non-linear existence.

It's hard to explain without some image, but I'll give it a fair try. See the original concept is a 3d rectangular with the sides open. Inside this form is source, or at least the core vibration. On top of each side (not the open sides on the side) everything exists in 2D. By creating frequential vibration you kinda throw the 2d environment into a 3d bubble which eventually surrounds the entire rectangular 3d design if you like. We would never be able to find source physically, for the simple reason that We can't access the true center.

Now imagine all that stuff flying around creating all kinds of Galaxies and Solar systems, rogue Planets and whatever is out there. Life will start evolving simply because the design is setup this way. Since source is everything Planets are also Source. Like Gardens where all kinds of things start to emerge. But since One is Source, One would also like to experience things that are there because you created it. You simply code a Creator/Builder Shaver Race. They in return create caretakers for the Gardens by manipulating an evolved species, I'll come back to that in extend. When the project is finished they leave teachers/watchers behind. By implementing Harmony, Balance and Equality this place (Earth) was really, really very nice. Then something happened and it all went to shit. I call this the (1st) Big Deception (pre-flood), from where the one that shall not be named emerged as is now.

They (Some Creatures) started to follow Naga Sat An or translated from Ancient Tongue, (to) Touch Dwelling Bread, Bread is well known as an ancient word for knowledge, so one gets freely translated that is, using forbidden/dwelling knowledge, which destroyed the Harmony, Balance and Equality into (for example) Money, Religion and (certain) Genetic Engineering, the destruction of creation. I am pretty sure that we were created together with another version of the creature we originate from, or as the Ancient texts call it the Beast(!).

Nahan (Origin)

Nahan, Sirmaur District, India

Origin for certain Religions has nothing to do with the true location of the Origin of Man, their (dictated) Origin started much later in a different location (Middle East) by means of deception.

Fun Facts about Nahan & Sirmaur District:

Suketi Fossil Park, also known as Shivalik Fossil Park, at a distance of 21 km from Nahan, displays lifesize fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) models of pre-historic animals whose fossil skeletons were unearthed here. The park is the first of its kind in Asia to be developed at the actual discovery site of fossils. The Park is located on the left bank of the Markanda river and is approachable by a link road 4 km from highway from Haryana. Located on upper and middle Shiwaliks, consisting mainly of soft sandstone and clay rocks, the park at present has six sets of life-size models, of Stegodonganesa, Sivatherium, Hexaprotodon sivalensis, Colosschelys atlas, Paramachaerdus and Crocodilia, Mesozoic animals which once thrived in the region (Wiki).

On the road to Paonta Sahib 20 km from Nahan, it is worth while to stop and see a sprawling orchard consisting of citrus plants and mangoes. The fertile Paonta Valley starts from this place (Wiki).


The Sirmour district has been extensively criss-crossed by rivers and the streams and most of them having perennial water flow of considerable volume.

It's a very popular place with loads of Temples etc. In any case, for some reason it all seems to start there, well... just think about it, let it sink in it's not really that important. The location I mean,  let's get to the rest of it.

Twice seven birth-goddesses had assembled,
Seven produced males,
Seven produced females.

The birth-goddesses, creatress of destiny-
They completed them in pairs.

The Above text is from the Sumerian/Babylonian Creation Story, doesn't mean much, unless you keep the pair thingy in mind (and yes, just because it's from the Middle East doesn't mean it originates from the Middle East!).


In any case, these Goddesses were kind of incubators, see, it doesn't matter who the source of the genetic material is. They completed them in pairs, 7 twins.

Personally I've come to accept that the Creation story as it is, whether it be the one from the Bible or not, happened Pre-Flood (> 10.000 BC). The story has been reused and twisted after the flood to fit certain agenda's (the deception).


In any case, providing these stories bare any truth, Adam and Eve were Identical Twins, not Husband and Wife. If Eve was created from Adams rib, She is a perfect genetic match. Look at it as that truth always has some way of getting trough the lies, just stay logical, see just because in the story of Adam and Eve there lack 12 (6 pairs of twins), doesn't mean they weren't there. Fun fact, if the Goddesses are still alive, we could, in theory meet our first Genetic Ancestor.


*!* A Male has two Original lines of genetic code in Him (1st Mother/Father), passing on only the Male code (the original one) to His (Male) Child, the Female has only the (Original) Feminine Genetic code in Her, passing it on to Her (Male & Female) Child. So, although Children are a combination of the Parents genetics, the origin code is protected, so.. in the case of the Female they do not possess the original Male genetic code to pass on. In both cases though, the original Female code is always present!

Reference: Mitochondrial DNA (Scroll down to).

So, how did we get there/here?

Neanderthals, which I obviously need to explain a little better.

Last time anyone was down in France, ran into a Neanderthal person by any chance? Nah, didn't think so, you see, no Human alive ever did. What Mainstream shows You is assumption based on stabbing in the dark in order to get to an accepted image of the Creature. Now, believe it or not, even mainstream has it's rebels, Danny Vendramini, shame is though that the Man can't seem to think outside the dictated timeline.

Meet the "Beast":

Imagine the Creature with red towards Black/Blood Cherry Red hair.


Not only were the eyes of Neanderthals approximately 20% larger than humans, they were higher up in the skull than our own eyes are now, approx about where our foreheads are.

Vendramini demonstrates that the optical orbits (eye sockets) of  Neanderthals were considerably larger than humans.  He theorizes Neanderthals evolved these extra large eyes (very likely Slith(!)) because, like most Mammalian Predators, they were nocturnal hunters.

His case about the appearance is very convincing and makes loads of sense, once the timeline gets adjusted accordingly, well, it becomes missing link shit.

Watch his entire 15 minute presentation here. Worth it.

​Well, Ye didn't think this is all there is to it right? I mean really?

You see, there's another interesting fact about these Neanderthals.

Yes, Elongated skulls...

The Flatheads (us) are most likely the part of where we look a little more like our creators, there's a very interesting prophecy about the Islamic Mahdi.


According to Sunan Abi Dawud, "The Prophet said: The Mahdi will be of my stock, and will have a broad forehead [and] a prominent nose".

The forehead of an Elongated Skull would not been seen as broad, more like absent.  No matter what your personal feelings are concerning religion etc, the clue about the head could be seen as important for them at those days in order to warn future generations.

In any case, these "beings" start appearing all over the Ancient World (Post-Flood), always accompanied by at least one Scientist (Magician) and always from a position of power. Claiming to be "our" Ruler and representatives of God. The Skulls below (again) are from South America, Post/Pre-Flood?

Elongated skulls found in Peru’s Paracas Peninsula. Image by Brien Foerster, via Collective Evolution.

It might ring a bell as to why certain things are being kept from the public, for once we start piecing parts of the puzzle together, truth, as always, will follow, when truth emerges deception will fall...

And no People, these are not (!) Cranial deformations, really not.

In any case, most interesting part of Brien Foersters struggle on this is the results of the DNA testing which was done...

Funny how the Genetics test showed European DNA, not Native American, vid (3.5 mins) here.

See how we circled back, finding out about the European connection, to the Elongated Neanderthal story here? Scientists are already contemplating Hu-Mans come from Europe, one can read about that here. You might think here, well, Europe is not India, nope it's not, science centers/testing grounds, are not  necessary close to one and another. Ideal location would be preferable.

I'll leave you with your thoughts a little for now, unless you want to read on eh.