Post Flood

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"But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.  Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

Genesis 11 verse 5.

Collaboration hands. Image GMNSight.

I look at that verse in a different light. I see language not as the spoken word here. I look at this as creating a divide between the People trying to rebuilt their World.


Perhaps look at the meaning of language in this instance like "Hey, are we speaking the same language here". Verse 6 is nothing more than assumption to explain why People are Global from a Religious perspective.


The simple reason is that our Foe's, proclaiming themselves Gods, were extremely threatened by the People's resilience and their capability to reach extreme speeds of learning things through the use of creativity and intelligence. What "Gods" would like his/her subjects to be smarter then the big guys hey? In any case, this is where the divide happened which is still active today. The clue is found in Genesis 11 itself (verse 1 or 2).

"Now the whole world had one language and a common speech."

So, right after the great deluge we had one common speech and one language, you can't have both meaning the same see. 

By indoctrinating the masses into submission, changing our reason of being by implementing the though and conviction we were intended as Slaves simply to do mining, as the Sumerian texts suggest, creating the idea we are to be sub-servant to Usurpers claiming to be rulers, is beyond evil. They read to me as plays, plays to appease the rulers.  The effort which is made to keep us divided and ignorant is almost admirable, however, it's not without fault.

How are they doing this and why?

Vimanas (Saucers/UFO's)

Throughout the Millennia that would follow many have reported strange happenings all over the World, always being filed under Superstition and so on. For example the Saucer, now called UFO by the masses is in fact anything but an unknown object.


It has been well documented that entire manuals have been found on not only flying craft but also for instance Robotics, 8 chapters in the Vaimanika Shastra include diagrams and the description of three types of Flying Craft, including apparatuses that can neither catch fire or tear (break) as well as the description of the 16 materials and 31 essential parts from which they are constructed (which also absorb light and heat).

Pilot Instructions

The pilot is one who knows the 32 secrets of the working of the Vimana. He must know the structure of the airplane and the means of its take off and ascent to the sky, how to drive it and halt it when necessary, how to maneuver it and make it perform spectacular feats in the sky without crashing.


The pilot should have had training in hiding, making the aircraft seen and unseen, contracting and expanding, changing shape, looking frightening or pleasing, becoming luminous or enveloped in darkness, stunning by thunderous din, jumping, moving in a zig-zag like serpent, facing all sides, hearing distant sounds, taking pictures, knowing enemy maneuvers and the direction of enemy approach, immobilizing, and exercising magnetic pull.

Read familiar?


In any case it's pretty obvious these craft are Pre-Flood technology, now embedded into the Folklore as fantasy and ridiculed at the same time, while the evidence of smelling cheese in Denmark is rising like wildfire. Ask Yourselves why... Now, when the flood passed and the World had changed into a stone age still there were certain submerged survivors who had entirely different plans for the flat heads. Stone structures (in/on Mountains) above ground (called Megaliths) might look destroyed (well they are above ground) in many cases they continue under the ground (reason why sometimes these underground cities are found, empty for it is to close to the surface) many miles down the Earth (the Underworld). Entrances would be lakes, volcanoes and caves, the same reason why indigenous People have the folklore of the "Gods" entering these areas with flying craft.

the Cover up
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A good example of covering up truth and fact is ‘Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni’ in Malta. Around 7000 skeletons with Elongated skulls were found there, creating a view of "People" (of both Skull size) looking for sanctuary to shield themselves from the coming water? In any case it failed, and they died After the finds the entire story has been clouded in mystery and "conspiracies" making it nonsense to the masses (deception). Stories of Giants and all that nonsense emerged, although around 30 Childeren and their responisbles vanished without a trace, screams were heard for a good while after though. They (elongated feckers) might be a little taller, but they are not Giants relating to the lenght of the creatures. Giants actually means "Great Ones" an address to the People of the World before, who had magnificent technology at their disposal, Titans if you like. Stories who've emerged over the Millenia would indicate that they sometimes eat Humans though, certain People have seen this one way or the other.


So... Don't be fooled, the classic Saucers have nothing to do with Aliens, the spheres that are now seen all over the Planet are not though, entirely different technology. In any case, in the past, to surface People who had been thrown back into the stone age at the same time counting many passed generations, these would have looked like Chariots from the Gods... (Fun fact is that the Spheres, or flying Suns, are most likely the source of some Ancients thinking stars were Gods...)


Unless you're Nikola Tesla...

Tesla vs Vimanas

Schematic Saucer Drawing by Tesla.

Obviously Tesla knew, simple. He understood how to bring these manuals to life, resulting in time conscious drawings and plans (to built) for consideration. Did he get his epiphanies through his dreams?


More on Tesla here.


In any case, the fact remains that some cunt company patented these craft, not a single second of intellectual mind power went into developing these machines, yet they got the patents for them. Kinda tells you something about the illegitimate nature of how these laws and happenings come to pass, deny all but yourselves. Obviously the "Under-worlders" and some surface assholes (the so called Elite) are keeping this grip strong and tight, their time though, running out and they will be severely punished for their schemes resulting in the Deaths of Billions over the past Millennia (still counting as we read).


Just remember, if it walks and quacks like a Duck, well... In other words, leftover technology from a time passed, a time we are not to remember or even take serious, hows that working out eh? I would say pretty well, the deception (as mentioned before) has been well carried out.

Elongated Feckers

So who are these creatures (kinda answered that a little already in previous a chapter)? They are Psychopathic, Manipulative and fully Materialistic (gold etc) beings without any empathy, in other words, they are fully Beast. Beast you think, ok let me explain this in a little more detail. There's three main levels of beings, Beast (Animal), Beast with Reasoning and Beast with Reasoning and the Source Spark (Creativity, Soul etc.). Best way to illustrate this is with Circles (also touching 369 a little, these were sacred numbers at the start of the "Old World".

Beast is what the Creators (not to be confused with Source) or Shavers found, Beast with Reasoning is what they created, what comes after is simply the gift of Soul. Apparently this does not happen with all creations, Beast stays in the Material, this cannot be changed and is the law of this reality, the Beast's only concern is to gather material needs, food and shelter, when the Beast dies it is dead, it will not go to any other realm, it will not be alive anymore, reason for envy I would say, perhaps the feeling these Elongated ones feel has not yet found it's way into our understanding and reasoning, but envy does it for now. Simply by cutting off our connection to Source and the destruction of the use of our Pineal Gland we simply have been degraded to greedy sex maniacs that are only concerned with gathering material needs, like the Beast sort of speak, what a laugh.


So, what does one get here eh...

Do you see it?

Now... do you understand it?(and no,the center is not the all seeing eye!)

In any case, these creatures living underground/water would be a little pale and their eyes would have problems with the effects of the Sunlight, I mean one cannot deny this as a result of living way under the Earth away from the light of Sun.  In many cases they would at least need to adjust their skin, perhaps blue or green, pale white and so on, perhaps sort of bio suit. Their eyes would be way larger than ours (see Neanderthal part) and could be slith, they would be covered up, or protected by something we would call sunglasses. In any case, they are the Double Headed ones (not to be confused with two heads),  Double Headed in this case means Elongated in some cases they're called Thamiel, also known as Demons of Revolt and Anarchy. Another theory being that these creatures (in this case the "Grey") have also bio-engineered soulless creatures, created to just exist and simply do their tasks without question.

Their "Power" doesn't limit itself to technology, they have control of their Pineal Gland, although not sparked, it's still part of the design and fully operational on a Material level. Meaning, they have use of the "Organ" in a way we simply do not fully understand yet. What we do know is that these Usurpers can mindfeck us with it, at least that much is known, combined with technology it becomes a useful tool for deception.


What else do we know about these creatures? They follow Naga Sat An, to touch forbidden (dwelling) Bread, read familiar? Well, that's what it means, Bread being knowledge and all that, their blood being blue, past actions seeing them on Thrones ruling over People (best known examples are the Egyptian and the South American ones), many "Mythologies" and even statues attest to this past, eventually resulting in their demise, even cruelty has its limits I guess, in any case, they've stayed out of sight (mostly anyway) ever since. Pulling the strings from behind the curtains with the help of their collaborators, the now so called Elite. Not only did they rule here, they brought the knowledge of divide with them, setting apart People based on belongings, the more belongings meant importance which meant power because now one can buy someone else to do their bidding, read familiar? Now they do not only divide us by the possession of "gold", they also wish to be worshipped and revered as Gods, building religions around them,  by Using Old World Knowledge concerning Source they eventually used that known in combination with themselves thus creating "the living God of all Creation".  In fact it means People worship the Deceiver, the Devil etc without actually knowing they do, deception, like the entire true message of the Christ which was bent and changed to suit the ones who so desperately need to cling to false power and promises, never trust a God who rewards one in Death, for it is a lie.


With the use of their (for us forgotten) technology the concept of Magic and Magicians was created, merely a Scientist who understands the use of Vibration in relation to "invisible" wonders... technology, voice command activated if you like.


To rule orderly means education, obviously not all they taught our Ancestors was to destroy our collectiveness, if you want People to serve you, you need to teach them how to serve you, basic building, farming and so on skills were implemented, making sure that these groups would find divide as well, perhaps through pride but surely by implementing succession by Birth (caste system), remember, you can't make 'm too smart.  Nowadays this is known as the Pyramid system, where only the ones on top of the "structure" know what's really going on. Many corporations explain their own workings (during induction training) as being the Pyramid structure, pointing out how it works inside the Company.  Since this World is entirely run as a Corporation, logic dictates, when logic dictates it simply means that you need to wake up to this if you have not already done so, even when you are waking up, this is not a conspiracy, the World is run like a Corporation, meaning it works with the Pyramid structure knowing no empathy and is only designed to make profit, at all cost. By keeping Countries and eventually you personally in debt, well, the sky is the limit.

Corporate Pyramidic Structure

Having a hard time believing this, have a peak at Michael Tellinger's research here and simply see for yourself.


A lot of effort seems to be made to not only keep us Humans divided, also the idea remains that punishment stretches into the bizarre, I mean look at life for the most People on the Globe, on the one hand one can see the beauty of this creation, the other keeps you away from that same beauty by holding you off. Like Monkeys reaching for low hanging fruits from the only tree around with fruit. The only thing is that there are Monkeys in that same tree keeping all the others from reaching the fruit, by throwing down some fruits from time to time they create the illusion of sharing, at the same time buying Henchmonkeys to keep the masses under control by giving them even more fruits than the other Monkeys, creating more important Monkeys. The only thing the Monkeys will be occupied with after a while is to gather fruit, nothing else would be more important. In other words, in the end we're all made addicts, money our drug, hesitating, look up the symptoms for addiction here


Occupied with stress, money gathering and unsettling events around us are keeping us from full developpement of our being here. Since there is no connection with Source one can meditate until green, the only thing it will show you is deception laced with truth, see, you judge yourselves, enlightenment however comes from balance, harmony and equality,  not an Ego show, this can only be reached when we are truly free and the only way we truly become free is by working together. 


The code connects us to these bodies, DNA if you like, as long as the code is intact the creature can be brought back to life. When the code is destroyed, the creature will cease to exist, soul will be reborn into another body, no memories preserved, perhaps at the end of the deception this might change, will it?.


This is our system, we are mainly being reborn time after time forgetting our past lives as punishment and fail safe. By preserving the body and thus trying to evade the decay of the code one can be awoken. By being reborn one goes back to this place, Hell if you like. Yes, Hell... It is not called Terra for no reason, Ter-Ra...


This implemented system however, coming to inevitable end. I have no clue if we're locked in or out, but fact remains that things are changing out there, changing fast.

Anti Christ/Al-Masih ad-Dajjal

Hard subject to tackle, since there is no indication of who or what this person might be. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) described the figure as being blind in one eye, the right one has been mentioned on many occasions. Not that I disagree with Scholars whom have spent their entire lives studying scriptures of various faiths, this is not my intention, I would like to open your mind up to another possibility of that description, since you have made it this far reading my theory, you might already find yourself thinking along the lines of what I feel could be what was meant. Before I go there I would like to spent a few lines explaining my road to thought.


The Beast system is the system we all live in, divide, envy, jealousy, well all that stuff which keeps us divided as a whole. Money being a means to keep that system in place, money decides whether we can do stuff or we do not, it decides everything on this Planet, since it's the main weapon to keep us divided, it does not only stand in the way of progressing it dictates who lives and dies before their time has come. It is not a coincidence all barcodes have the 666 core in their numbering striping design as a base and that the so called Elite is playing everybody against one and another, buying off the weak ones, give them false sense of being power full. They lie, it's what they do, without actually realizing they are being deceived themselves at the same time, their reward only being in this life, if it is Beast they want to be... well, so be it.

1st, middle and last stripe all being the nbr 6

In any case, the Human which will be designated as the Anti Christ, or Dajjal will probably not realize it, for that creature will be fully commited to the system which is running rampage on this Planet, he cannot see creation for what it is, not understanding there is another and better way for us to live on this Planet, fully consumed by Materialism he will be going to any lenght to preserve that system because in his mind there simply is no other way, for him life has proven his way to be the only one, he cannot see the Creator he can only see profit. His minds eye is blind... yes, I am fully convinced that the eye meant is the so called third eye, described earlier in this writing. New age People think it's between the two eyes on the forehead, it is obviously not, when expanding, it pressures the area in between your eyes, when expanding fully it will pressure many more places on ones head, like a crown. Never mind that, since there is no connection with the Creator at this time, in a sense we're all blind in that eye, still, realizing it is there and what it is meant for makes you aware, you will start to see, yet, do not try to wonder in it's realm, because you'll be met with deception at this time. Now, I do not think I am a Prophet myself, it is not my intention to make People believe this or anything like that at all, I just share my thoughts about these things with you, I hope in a respectful manner.


So, what's at the core of this entire Deception? I will try and explain that in this last chapter of things. People who have read this "Theory" of mine, including the 369 & Verses chapters (which is not completed for obvious reasons) will simply understand

Three command Three through the medium of Three

Listen to Elvis while reading if you wish so.


9 not 10 houses. The added 10th Serifot is part of the deception, causing root of Religion to be corrupted and have Humans turn from Source/Creator without knowing they are being duped. As I have mentioned before in these writings the power of the Realm of the Creator lies in working together in order to maintain Harmony and Equality, creating Balance. The manifestation of the power of one, believing in one self and the assumption that we can use the Creator to obtain personal riches are deceptive. It's basically a fallen principle in which the commonality of us being we is and has been destroyed. In the end, possessions are free to have without the reality of divide, you have more than I and so on.

"The tenth Number is ten. The tenth Sephira is Malkuth, or the kingdom of Forms.

The Spirits of Malkuth are the Ischim, or the virile ones; they are the souls of the Saints whose Chief is Moses".

If you take a look at the other 9 houses (guilds, crests etc) they're all part of each other, so if they are then we must be too. There is no separate house for Humans, since we're part of the entirety we are also part of these 9 Houses, there is no 10th. Basically it's all about the Deceiver. And his way to give us false sense of being special, placing us outside the circle of life. Realize this system (on Earth) is a closed system, they, these materialistic psychopathic assholes of all walks, have hijacked everything to suit their needs, therefore good People are being deceived all day every day. A sin to die for sort of speak, the sin of Ignorance without knowing you are being just that.

In any case, if you need to draw the concept it would look like this:

One could call it the wheel of life, the flower of life (also a sound frequency) sometimes even shown as a Spider or cross with four dots (the latter is also sound freq), it doesn't really make any difference, the concept is exactly what it supposed to be, there's no head, no bottom it turns just as it has to turn, harmony, the harmony of working towards the same concept, Creation, to create. This is how Source/Creator connects to them (pineal gland part on previous page) in order to enjoy His work and live through our experiences. This is what People call the "Kingdom of God", yet they cannot see what it is for the lie is in front of the Truth. It's not a Kingdom but the Realm of Eternity.

"There is one body, and one Spirit, even as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Father of all who is above all, and through all, and in you all." (Ephesians 4:4-6)

The above Quote speaks for itself, relationship with Source/Creator is personal above anything else. Since we live in the Realm of the One that shall not be named, we are NOT connected to Source, we cannot feel creation as we should for we, our creativity is used to destroy.


We are all Elohim for we are created from Elohim, in order to keep the wheel turning one will for instance also become Auphanim (I use the Religious Words for clarity) and work in conjunction with all the others to ensure creation is protected. Gods are Creators, yet the Creator is not God, Source is Eternity, Father to all living and inanimate things. When the Son speaks of his Father, he either means the Shaver (Elohim) or the Creator, (not the Architect!). In the delivery below the word God has various meanings (see if you can distinguish), while in this instance the word Father is meant as the One that shall not be named (namely the "Architect", shaping reality to his own (evil) vision, lying about Origin), except when the Son of Man addresses them directly, the word Father becomes either his Elohim Father or Source/Creator.

“If you were Abraham’s children,” said the Son of Man, “then you would do what Abraham did. As it is, you are looking for a way to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham did not do such things. You are doing the works of your own father.”

“We are not illegitimate children,” they protested. “The only Father we have is God himself.”

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on my own; God sent me. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” (John 8:39-47)