Object Filtering Prelude

The documentary Shadows in the Dark got me interested in this, 1967sander being the inspirator. My approach concerning the filtering is outside the box. I love looking at all kinds of things, even when everybody else tells me it's a dead end.

If you would like to listen to a cool Aria while on the read, click here.

You will start noticing the organized way these anomalies appear and in most cases seem to point to device (probably big-->small)  busying vibrational/frequencial tech stuff.

Not only that, software does Not generate this images on its own, I mean, did it go to art school or anything, did it suddenly start thinking for itself and decided to become some sort of artist/engineer? Think not, pictures are merely gatherings of information, nothing more, time standing still. Now, not everything inside of a picture is seen, small details are still there, but you would need a magnifying apparatus to detect them.


The same goes for energy, you know, emanating from an object, the information of the object will travel inside the light, the same light one captures when making a picture. If one filters smart, things are to be found, simple as that.Science is all about the expanding of borders (making mistakes in the process), these days there are few real ones left, most are just smart parrots who can actually do nothing without them being told. Worse even is the fact that still they have the audacity to go out there putting lies in Peoples minds, while they know that what they are saying is not true, they choose Reputation and Money instead, not caring about the consequences. At the same time they're put on dead end science with small outliers which look like advancements but are not, it's just noise on the line. The way the Science community is being conducted should tell you something about the Human state as well btw.

I can't see Global Warming for instance being Human induced imho there is only the heating up of the cores and the Sun, hence the chemtrails, blocking shit from the sun, but hey, this is a filter chapter, so the Sun.

I'll start and finish there today.