Sun Object Filter Examples

Shaggie, Sungazer and fellow Compadre sends me these pictures from the various Space Agency missions in space from  time to time, I always look and I find stuff. Now, as mentioned in the opening (Picture) you have to start understanding these filters as they were blueprints/floor plans.

​In any case, let's start with an image sent to me by the Shagster.

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Direct link to image here.

He asked me to look into the cigar shaped object, while I was doing this I detected some anomaly in the image above the Cigar shaped Object.

Image credit:  Link to Image here.

It's actually like the Shagster noticed during one of our Forum talks, it's like peeling away an image layer by layer, like an MRI. You will come to see these are not pixel anomalies, they are too complicated, too organized and they relate to shit on Earth. In some occasions even confirming what you think you're looking at, too many so called coincidences, simply do not believe in them,..

So, let's continue.

Obviously image 4 is not entirely picked apart yet, still, there is something there as you can see and guess what, it's not paredolia, lol.

When you concentrate on the middle segment, especially the right part with the two rectangular types showing up one would expect some sort of tube there right, I mean, would be logical. Well it is and it is.

Now, let's see that object on the low in that image, looks interesting, hell, I've filtered a good few of them all over the place, yes, Sol is the place to be People, lol. Now remember the way these appear (blue print style) and that we can "MRI" the feck out of 'm.

Many of you will think, well, just a bunch of lines, sure, enlarge the pics if you feel like and study the details in some of these parts, then remember, in order for us to see this there has to be some sort of energy process in motion.

Another interesting detail is that shapes do not drastically change when changing the "color".

Some other random finds from this area, keep in mind second image from top.

The first image is not so much about the clearity of the image, it's more about finding uniformity and to see how certain outlines present themselves, see if this was generated by the software, it must be one hell of a smart cookie. Even the structures inside the Anomalies have step pyramid (or Hindu/Buddhist/etc structure) tendencies. Notice the 4 entrances/exits and how they are N/E/S/W if they were built on Earth that is. Furthermore, notice the layer built up etc.

I have enlarged the center of the structure a little, there's clearly some energetic process going on there... Although not clear anymore, notice the surrounding shapes of that structure.

​Image below is just to show you how these things are setup sometimes, meaning that they are always organized and as Archaeologists call it, double sided (Bifaced), meaning objects are made by intellectual creatures.

The short sequence below is to show Ye how the complexity of these images can evolve, especially the last one in this sequence of three.

Look at the details emerging, left from the center there (up and downwards) one can see the pull of those objects interceding with the mass, this is a energetic process in motion.

Image below is full of uniformity (Bifaced), it clearly show process, right there right now/then. Again, study the details in the filtered image.

There are so many examples I can throw this way, well, couple more examples, from a different image I've filtered.

Image above and below are the same object filtered in a different manner, again, notice the details and the undeniable uniformity in the filters.

It is really not a question as to why or what even who, It's kept quiet for a reason, You really think that NASA suddenly decided out of the blue to sent a probe into the Sun, yes into the freaking Sun, when did this tech suddenly become reality? Furthermore, do You really think that if they had some sort of Hi-Tech secret Space Fleet, they would need to piggy bag on Civilian Space Missions and bent over backwards to change all those images they show us? Nope, they would know exactly what to show us due to their Hi-Tech shit and would not need to falsify images. Skeptical much? Check out this vid.


All those so called insiders with their fantastic stories about entire Space Fleets, liars! Or at least the information is simple misdirection.