Unidentified Areal Objects (Spheres)

Still from sighting filmed in Holland at August 6 2016 by Kosmo74 & the Mad Scientist (Myself). Click here for Vid.

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I've seen these things do some pretty amazing things, shit one sees in movies really. They start to show up just after sundown for about 90-120 minutes and vary from 3-16 good sightings a night. Seeing them with unsuspecting witnesses, gold, truly.


When they are high up in the sky, they look like flying suns/stars (white glow), when they come down the color changes into a golden/orange glow. I have not been able to capture it on camera like that, it's either (flat) white or like the still above, one can still see the orange kinda color in the middle, but that's it. Perhaps it has to do with the kind of propulsion they choose to use when lower, I do not know, could simply be how our eyes perceive color. In any case.

They emerge in returning patterns.

Fly very low and slow. Make a maneuver or speed up and are gone.
Fly fairly low and maneuver, light up and take any of the three directions going fwd and vanish.
Emerge in the Sky as a bright star, and vanish.
Fly fairly low, vanish, reappear, vanish, reappear, vanish, reappear, vanish. In a decent straight line.

These sequences take about 2-3 months (11-12 weeks), then it starts all over again in the same order.

I have developed my own detection method when looking at a still. When you filter these, you start noticing certain imagery patterns like these perfect rings right around the center, also notice the cross.

Filmed/Filtered (by Myself) Sphere October 18 2016 Holland.

As mentioned on the previous page and chapter, once you start filtering one can start detecting energetic processes as well if the filtering is applied a certain way, the rings and other lines in the image above are just that, the energetic process of the Object in motion.

Now, since I don't believe in coincidences, I looked for a logical explanation.


While doing that I also unavoidably created my own criteria standards. No need for all that taking in trees in the image etc, no need.

Many of you will probably dismiss them as simply rings of light (from a lamp or so) and so on.

Now, the Roadlamp is a Sodium Vapor Lamp.

* A sodium-vapor lamp is a gas-discharge lamp that uses sodium in an excited state to produce light.*


* As the temperature rises, the constant current and increasing voltage consumes increasing energy until the operating level of power is reached. For a given voltage, there are generally three modes of operation:

    The lamp is extinguished and no current flows.

The lamp is operating with liquid amalgam in the tube (non Stabilized Plasma!!!).
    The lamp is operating with all amalgam evaporated.


What causes these perfect rings around the Sphere?

A cross-section of the virtual plasma showing where the magnetic field lines intersect the plane. The central section has field lines that rotate exactly once. Image Image Credit: Stephen Jardin, PPPL.

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With technology "they" create  a process in which they use plasma to create Soundwaves/vibration in order to get the desired process, in this instance movement.

A form of Helium(3?) could/might be used for this process, since many of these Spheres seem to glow orange when closer to the eye (it can appear as colorless gas, exhibiting a red-orange glow when placed in a high-voltage electric field). Not to mention the many anomalous objects which seem to "feed" of our Sun. Helium can be found in the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn (Gas Giants) and our Moon(!).

So... What causes these perfect rings around these Spheres?
Stabilization of Plasma. Plain and simple.
Below a short vid I created on this movement of these Spheres.