China to Monitor Workers Brainwaves
Image Credit: Unknown

Are we going into this George Orwell fueled future in which private though and information is not so private anymore?

Companies release new technologies on a frequent bases allowing them to collect your data to the very detail of your being.

The Peoples Republic of China being a forerunner in this race towards controlling and monitoring your almost every day business. Their factories and State owned businesses as well as certain parts of their military that give workers a supposed EEG hat to monitor their emotional states, like anger, depression and anxiety during their day of work.

China's Elite

Although Communist by design, China has a well established extremely rich elitists layer whom benefit from the day to day work efforts made by their People, it is not hard to jump towards a fully controlled environment in where the slave based workers are even more constrained with the assistance of technology.

Brainwashing doesn't seem enough, controlling the grey mass by design is obviously something not only thought of in dreams anymore.

It will only be a matter of time before the "West" will accept and implement such danger into our own society, resulting in the only freedom being, sleeping, eating, working and voting on any of the elitist parties.


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