DARPA Fixing to Freeze Injured Soldiers

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When at war it is only a matter of time before Soldiers get injured, unfortunately in many cases these injuries could prove to be fatal if Medics cannot get to the injured party on time.

To outsmart death a little the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has come up with developing a new technology based on the workings of tiny creatures called Tardigrades.

Not only posses these creatures unique proteins which protects them from X-ray radiation damage, due to their genetic make up they are also extremely resilient towards damage.

DARPA therefore aims to slow down the bodies biochemical reaction to a point of a suspended state. "Slow life, to save life," as mentioned by a DARPA statement.

These tiny creatures, also known as water bears, have the ability to enter a state of cryptobiosis, simply stopping their metabolic processes, yet still appear alive.

This all might read like Sciencefiction, but lets not forget Nature is a treasure trove of inspiration, especially for this project, as I loosely quote program manager Tristan McClure-Begley, he continues, "Life is after all a set of Biochemical reactions".


Original Article on Live Science.

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