Image Credit and Artist: Kyle at Lotussculpture

Ganesha (गणेश), Gaṇeśa, also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar and Binayak, is one of the best known and most worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Always shown as an Elephant like God, a remover of spiritual and material objects and in Kundalini yoga resides in the first chakra (or mūlādhāra) as seen in the flower depicted on the beautifully sculpted statue of this Hindu deity. the flower, which is without question a sound frequency.

There is something about Ganesha though, I wish I could say that I found this following depiction of Ganesha, but I cannot, that honor or credit must go to Giorgio Tsoukalis on one of his presentations at MUFONLA and although I do not support the Ancient Alien theory, this is a pretty spectacular find if you ask me, well done Giorgio.

Ganesha, image credit Giorgio Tsoukalis

Apparently one of the earliest depictions of Ganesha (quoting Giorgio) one cannot deny the less Elephant style resemblance but more Humanoid like appearance. The Elephant like image came after the Greek invasion of Alexander the Great, where the God of the Mountain was worshiped resembling an Elephant (“Ganesha: Myth and Reality” in Ganesh: Studies of an Asian God & "Antiquity of Ganesha: The Numismatic Evidence”) and changed to the now know deity with the Elephant head.

Question remains though, what's with the apparatus looking like a breathing device?


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