New Ice Age, New Hoax

"The Maunder Minimum& Human Induced Global Warming Lie"
Image Credit: JLowgren
By theMadScientist:

Maunder Minimum

A new Hoax is emerging on the horizon of our various communities, the one claiming a new Ice Age is at our Horizon.

Think about the following, how can we enter a new Ice Age while we're still in the last one, funny eh, well I'll get back to that a little later on during this writing.

How can the Earth cool down while our cores, yes plural, are heating up all over the Solar System. Cores in the entire Solar system have been heating up for a fair amount of years now. There's not really anyone at the Mainstream news who is informing the public on this, let alone write any serious article about this phenomenon. It is pretty obvious this would clash with the common indoctrination concerning Human Induced Global Warming, coming clean would inevitably mean that various Governments across the Globe would need to confess stealing the Peoples money by taxing and taking our money. Besides this, why are the many corporations not being fined for their decades of polluting the Planet while still going at it as we read this.  Why does the public need to be the one paying for this, examples enough all across the World concerning this issue.

In any case, Earth is heating up for a good couple of years now, so are Mars, Pluto and other worlds in our solar system, leading some scientists to speculate that a change in the sun’s activity is the common thread linking all these baking events.

A change in the Sun's activity...!!!

You would think that if the Sun's heating up effecting Planets, a little cooling down would also be felt across the Solar system, right? Not really no.

Even when the Sun cools down a little it will not have the effect they would like you to believe.

New estimates of the total change in the brightness of the Sun during the Maunder Minimum suggest it was only fractions of a percent, and perhaps not enough to create the global cooling commonly attributed to it.

Based on current estimates, even if another Maunder Minimum were to occur, it might result in an average temperature decrease of about 2 degrees Fahrenheit, Rind said. Yes read that again, 2 degrees Fahrenheit...

This would still not be enough to counteract warming of between 2 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit from greenhouse gases by 2100, as predicted by the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Greenhouse gasses, see how they are still hanging on to that, just when they are pointing in the right direction here.


Cores react to the Sun, but only if there is a frequential change happening.

"The sun releases sound waves, and like a musical instrument, the structure of the sun informs the way the sound waves are shaped. Scientists can study the sun's oscillations by listening to the frequencies that make up the sound signal".

So how does the sun produce sound? The movement of the plasma creates sound waves.


Although they have been observing this for 20 years now, the process, they are sure it is a recurring event, might be, but how can one be sure after only 20 years of observation, right? They also mention the sound waves are bouncing up and down inside the Sun, but also mention that we can't hear them because the Human ear cannot detect them. I don't dispute these claims, what I do dispute is the absence of the linking between the Suns change and the apparent reaction of the cores. How would you be asking yourselves?

Once one gets into the frequency/vibration technology principle it's actually quite simple to understand, since this concept comes straight from Nature, everything is vibration and frequency after all, patterns will emerge and understanding of this will follow and as mentioned, there's no complicated science attached to this.

The Sun's Influence
The Human Body

All of our bodies react to certain vibrations, frequency is put into the body and the vibration interacts with the brain, distributing it where it needs to go, how? Simple, yes very simple...

The frequency makes contact with the Spine, the Spine starts to vibrate (it acts exactly like a copper rod) and "feeds" the crystal(s) in the brain, also known as the Pineal Gland.


"A new form of biomineralization has been studied in the Pineal gland of the human brain. It consists of small crystals that are less than 20 microm in length and that are completely distinct from the often observed mulberry-type hydroxyapatite concretions".

The Pineal Gland, or third eye, then feeds the target part of the brain (resulting in activation of other glands) with the vibration needed for several functions, due to the interaction it expands, this will create pressure feeling(s) in the head, mostly between the eyes (New Age People with little knowledge of this will tell you the "third eye" is located between the eyes, which is false), but it can also expand to the top of the head, the sides and the back.


This Pre-Flood knowledge has been fragmented over the Millennia with all kinds of stories about hanging crystals around ones neck etc, well one needs to feed it with a frequency, placing it on the body has actually no effect without the exact right frequency. But since the spine takes over this function, it acts like a copper rod when exposed to frequencies. Invading the Spine with false/wrong frequencies can result in severe back pain btw.

Apparently this knowledge, which can also heal, is outlawed in the US & Europe, makes one wonder eh.

So why the short Pineal Gland example, well, everything is frequency and vibration, as mentioned, so Micro/Macro principle here, it'll make one understand the following a little easier.

See, Earth, and most likely all the other Planets, Moons and what not, act the same way.


Giant Crystal in Earths Center

"There's a giant crystal buried deep within the Earth, at the very center, more than 3,000 miles down. It may sound like the latest fantasy adventure game or a new Indiana Jones movie, but it happens to be what scientists discovered in 1995 with a sophisticated computer model of Earth's inner core".

"The Earth's core consists mostly of a huge ball of liquid metal lying at 3000 km beneath its surface, surrounded by a mantle of hot rock. Notably, at such great depths, both the core and mantle are subject to extremely high pressures and temperatures. Furthermore,
research indicates that the slow creeping flow of hot buoyant rocks—moving several centimeters per year—carries heat away from the core to the surface, resulting in a very gradual cooling of the core over geological time. However, the degree to which the Earth's core has cooled since its formation is an area of intense debate among Earth scientists".

Do the math, frequency of the Sun changes, center of the Earth (and other cores in Sol) react to it, since the crystals start emitting a different frequency, the process of heat inside the mantle changes due to vibration, resulting in activity on the surface. Leading to deaths of various animals in the Oceans... Yes, the heating up of the Earth comes from the Core, simple deduction and adding really. I bet You though, certain scientists must know this to be fact.

Ocean Animals Dying

One effect of the core heating up will without doubt be the warming up of the oceans which will result in depressing the growth of plankton, with consequences for fish and other species that depend on it.

For example, Starfish eat Jellyfish. Jellyfish thrive under warmer circumstances while Starfish do not. Jellyfish eat Plankton, so when the animals have no food source they need to migrate in order to find it and when they cannot, the following happens...

Billions of jellyfish washed up on beaches from San Diego to British Columbia (US & CAN W-Coast) in August 2014. Image Credit Unknown
MILLIONS of starfish wash up dead on US West-Coast (Feb '14). Image Credit Unknown

It is not a coincidence that the "Ring of Fire" has gone mental the past couple of Years. That mentioned, this disruption is taking place all over the Globe, just go onto any search engine and start looking for mass Animal deaths, you'll be shocked beyond where you sit right now! After You've calmed down a little start piecing the food chain together, first by deducting it back to origin, add it up again and You'll see logic in this.

There's another complication coming with this though,
Volcanic eruptions can cool the planet down. As mentioned before, we're still in the last Ice Age, the warming up of the Planet therefore can be seen as a natural process, the current cool down can be assigned to the many eruptions taking place all over the Planet, which has been increasing exponentially.

"Are we still in an Ice Age? The way geologists use the term “ice age”, yes it is. An ice age is a time when there is ice covering the Earth’s poles. When we look at the whole of the Earth’s history, this is rare. Most of the time, warm water can flow from the equator to the poles, and so ice cannot form. An ice age happens when something blocks this flow, as is the case now because there is land over the South Pole, and the Arctic Ocean is almost surrounded by land".

Within an ice age, there are glacial periods when the ice is growing, and interglacial periods when the ice is shrinking. When most people talk about “the last ice age” (the time when there were sabre-tooth tigers and woolly mammoths around), they mean the last glacial period. With this meaning, the answer to your question is no: the Earth is currently in an interglacial period, the ice at the poles is shrinking.

Still in an Ice Age
Petrified Palm Trees at Spitsbergen/Svalbard in the Northern Polar Region.
Fossilized Leaf Spitsbergen, Image Credit,

Human Induced Global Warming or a New Ice Age, it's both poppy cock, it's simply a natural process taking place right now, resulting in the many anomalies occurring in nature, since Mainstream Science completely disregards the true history of our Planet it all seems new and strange to us.

They rather come up with even more ridiculous claims when they claim they are looking at it seriously, for example the fragmented reports on the various Earth Cracks appearing, the appearance of sink holes for instance. We can go on and on and on for a while I say, ti stays at it is, frequencial change, vibration creates core to heat up, action -> reaction, Planetary changes which cannot be stopped, mainstream lies resulting in the even bigger lie that money (extra taxes etc) can save this process and turn it around because we're the ones to blame after all


in principle Governments do not give a shit, they're run without empathy and rather have your Money then giving up any truths.




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