Tau "Deceiver of Worlds"
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By theMadScientist:

Who is Tau? Tau is known under many different names, nevertheless, You have all heard of Tau one way or another, some even pray to his symbol, not really realizing the origin of this self proclaimed living God and Creator of the Universe.

Where to start, well, let's start in South America for this journey into the "unknown", namely with a tribe called the Guarani, their traditional territory spans from the south-central part of South America, especially in Paraguay and parts of the surrounding areas of Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia.

The Guarani and their Mythology
The four countries region and the River Plate basin (in blue) within which the Guarani Territory extends. The red areas mark the location of the 30 Jesuit Missions. Map credit:  Jorge Silvetti

Tupã is the supreme God of all creation according to Guarani beliefs, by forming clay statues of a Man and Women, mixing them with various elements from nature, He simply then breathed life into the Human forms and left.

Rupave and Sypave, meaning Father and Mother of the people , were the first humans created, the pair had an unspecified numbers of Daughters and three Sons, one fo which was considered a trickster and a liar. One of the Daughters called Porâsý is known for sacrificing her own life in order to get rid of one of the seven legendary monsters, resulting in diminishing their power.

Since the belief is that these "first" humans ascended to become deities (demi-gods) we could very well be looking at the creation story of the first race, the shaver race for clarification, not our creation sort of speak, these teachings could very well be remnant and stories from before the flood, which over time have become more self centered and evolved into the story it is now even a combination of the well known stories out there, especially since the Guarani had no written language, the understanding of writing came with the Jesuit Monks, which is actually an interesting small detail.

So... Seven legendary monsters, how interesting, who are these seven and where do they come from?

the Seven Monsters

One of the Sons of the first Humans was called Marangatu, a benevolent leader of his People, he had a beautiful Daughter named Kerana, who was captured/tempted with deception by the Evil Spirit called Tau. Eventually they had seven sons all born as ugly monsters except for one.

  • Teju Jagua, a half-lizard, half-dog, god or spirit of caverns and fruits.

  • Mbói Tu'ĩ, a giant snake with the head of a parrot, god of waterways and aquatic creatures.

  • Moñái, a giant horned snake said to be the lord and protector of the fields. The one defeated by the sacrifice of the daughter, Porâsý.

  • Jasy Jatere, god of the siesta, only of the seven to not appear as a monster.

  • Kurupi, god of sexuality and fertility.

  • Ao Ao, appeared as perhaps a monstrous sheep or peccary, god of hills and mountains.

  • Luison (or Luisõ), a dog-like human, god of death and all things related to it.

Again, some similarity/parallel with some of the more known stories, this time the Biblical story of the Fallen ones coming down to mate with the daughters of Man cannot be denied.

Image Credit: Ancient-Origins

Another interesting detail about Tau is that apparently he tried to get the Guarani to put his sign on their foreheads, chasing them as a result.

The figure seven in relation to Evil is not uncommon through many religious writings across the World, for instance the Gnostic teachings speak of seven evils as well, there's an interesting condition to the workings of this concept.

the Gnostic Seven Forms of Wrath

In the Gnostic laws of form and limit concerning Wrath (Archon related), it needs seven parts to be a complete thing, remember, in the Guarani deliverance, Porâsý gave her life defeating one of the seven to diminish their power, in Gnostic teachings this, the number seven, seems to be a standard for evil and lies.

  • Darkness

  • Desire

  • Ignorance

  • Excitement of Death

  • Kingdom of the Flesh

  • Foolish Wisdom of the Flesh

  • Wrathful Wisdom

Obviously it is not the exact same as the seven Guarani Evil ones, yet, the number seven, the origin of the seven and the workings of those seven are eventually exactly the same when it comes to interaction with Humans and the World in relation to temptations and so on.


Too in Christianity, there is the Serpent with the seven heads, the first beast if you like. The first beast comes "out of the sea" and is given authority and power by the dragon as can be read in the following passages:

 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

--Revelation 13:1-3--

Notice the remark about the deadly wound to the head? Again, a parallel to Porâsý and her fight with one of the seven cannot be completely disregarded here. A deadly wound healed... the Seven being whole again...

So we have the number seven, related to the evil one, the Dragon, Tau, Ruler of the Earth... Another place on Earth where Dragons play a remarkable part in folklore is the far East, down China ways. Let's have a quick glance over there.

Tau in China, Mithras in Rome

In China he is called Tou Tei, or Tu Di Gong, meaning God of Earth. Mostly worshiped in Macau, the many temples include the Fok Tak Chi temple in, since the '80's the center of importance in relation to celebrating Tou, Horta da Mitra, Mitra, coincidence in the name?


Since Mithras's worshipers had seven grades of initiation and in Roman times offered a Bull (perhaps resembling the physical body?) as tribute. A prelude to the Mithraic initiation ceremony was that the initiate was given a ritual bath and at the end of the ceremony, received a mark on the forehead.

Mithras, credit: Wiki
Tawa, Hopi Sun God

In the Hopi religion he is called Tawa, God of the Sun, although the God of the Underworld, fire and death, from where, according to Hopi beliefs the sun rises from, Masau'u is sometimes also depicted with a somehow T-shaped skull, which begs the question if the Hopi are eventually speaking of the same two entities here.

Moses and Others

It is interesting to note that when Moses entered the Sinai desert, he found the Midianite tribe (also called the Kenites) wearing the T-shape on their foreheads. This sign, which represented their god of storms (bringing water) and war (thunder), later became known as the “Yahweh Mark.” (Direct quote from article).

Outside of Christianity, the Cross of Tau is a symbol of immortality. The Chaldeans and Egyptians viewed it as a representation of Tammuz, the Sumerian god of death and resurrection. During baptism ceremonies, it was marked on the recipient’s forehead by the pagan priest. (Direct Quote from article)

In Greece it was the sign of the Greek god Attis, in Rome the god Mithras (as mentioned earlier), and with the Celts the Druid god Hu. The TAU cross was inscribed on the forehead of every person admitted into the Mysteries of Mithras. When a king was initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries, the TAU was placed against his lips. (Direct quote from article).

the Occult

In the Greek Alphabet the Tau is the 19th letter, 1+9=10.

According to Kabbalistic beliefs, the symbol refers to the mystical number three and signifies intuition, magic, creativity and expansion. In the Freemasonry, Templar or Rosicrucian symbology, Tau stands for the all-pervasive God and Its 3 attributes of strength, wisdom and harmony.


The Tau image has been found in primitive glyphs and believed to be representative of the horizon, the place where the sky and the earth meet, or from where the sun rises...

Text below from left to right, credit: symbol dictionary.

(Left) Obviously the Tau/Tav means cross and is also the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet.


The Tau is an astronomic correspondence with Saturn and the concept of finality. As a mark it was associated with the absolution of sin.


In the kabbala it represents completion of creation and is therefore the emblem of infinity.  Which is not strange since this imposter god wants to be seen as nothing more than the Living Universal God Creator.

The Greek Tau. the letter Theta is also an emblem of death depicted by a cross in a circle, which can be found amongst many Native American tribes, including the Hopi. in turn also one of the forms of an important sound frequency.

(Left Center) Esoterically, the Tau represents a gate or opening, symbolic death. In the Victorian magical Order of the Golden Dawn, the Tau was the “sign of the Enterer,” a posture that symbolized the opening path of the Kabbalistic tree of life, connecting the sphere of Malkuth (earth) with that of Yesod (the moon). It was strongly associated with the World or Universe card in the tarot, and emblematic of the cross of life juxtaposed on the sphere of matter- a symbol of death as initiation. (Directly quoted from article).

(Center) The Tau was adopted as the emblem of the Franciscan order of monks, and during the renaissance it was used in religious paintings to denote monks, pilgrims, and wandering hermits. The Tau was a special symbol of Saint Anthony, considered the progenitor of monasticism, and may have referred to the “T” in the word “Theos,” God. In magic, the Tau represents a supplicating posture. Ritual robes are typically referred to as “Tau robes” due to their shape, going back to the traditional pattern of monastic robes. (Quoted directly from article).

(Right Center) An arrangement of three Taus in a spoked formation is an emblem of the Royal Arch degree of Freemasonry, symbolizing the Temple of Jerusalem.


The Triple Tau is said to actually comprise only two letters, for the Greek phrase “Templum Hieroslymoe,” with the H as a pictographic stand-in for the Arch of the Temple entrance; the Tau likely reflecting the death-and resurrection symbolism of the Masonic initiation.

The Greek “Hiero,” or “holy,” is also the root of the word “Hierophant,” an initiator. To add a further layer of symbolism, the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek eta (H) is cheth, a gate. Cheth/eta enumerates to 8 or 800, with the Tav 400, making it truly a double Tau.

A tau cross displayed alongside a rope with knots symbolizes the vows of the order. A tau displayed with crossed arms is called the “Franciscan Shield.” (Quoted directly from article)

(Right) The gruesome symbol of a crucified serpent is an old alchemical drawing representing the “fixing of the volatile,” or, making the elixir of mercury, a legendary curative, by removing the ‘volatile’ or poisonous element. The picture is derived from the biblical story of Moses, who erected a brazen snake as a charm against plague. (Quoted directly from article). Now in similar form also known as the Rod of Asclepius or Caduceus.


This mystical character can be signified in a few different ways. First, the names Hiram of Tyre and Hiram Abif appear in the Phoenican language with the same letters “H” and “T” as they do in English. Therefore, the Triple Tau takes on the interpretation of the initial letters in Hiram Abif’s name.


Second, it signifies also T. H., Templum Hierosolym, the Temple of Jerusalem, and when used as the Royal Arch symbol, some jurisdictions teach that the wearer acknowledges himself a servant of God.


Thirdly, Christians in Greek or Roman influence anciently used a tau cross. The basis of a triple tau in early church history would mean the trinity of father, son, and holy spirit. A belief in the triune nature of godhead is common to many faiths and religions.


A triangle is a simple shape in geometry that has taken on great spiritual significance and symbolism. The equilateral triangle was revered by ancient nations as containing the greatest and most abstruse mysteries, and as a symbol of God, denoting a triad of intelligence, a triad of deity, a triune God. The equilateral triangle shows equality with its three angles of the same degrees. In one way, it best represents deity by its equality or perfection in design and proportion. The triangle is a symbol of divine union, and an emblem of the mysterious triune, equally representing the attributes of deity, and his triune essence: omnipotence (all powerful), omnipresence (eternal) and omniscience (all knowing). (Quoted directly from article).


It is pretty obvious that Tau has inserted himself across the Globe as the Living Universal Creator God, there's many names for this creature, including the Father of all Lies. Personally I find it interesting how its spread all over the Globe, when you look at it closely one will find the many different things attributed to this entity in all the descriptions of the various explanations (Saturn, the Sun etc). Personally I feel it's all a little more like Star Wars and a little less like bearded Man on clouds.


I have also identified him in the Hindu religion, but am not going to include that in this article, basically because I would need to sidestep too much into the creature itself, thing is however, in the Hindu religion he has 4 arms and has proclaimed himself to be the same as Brahma (Source etc), coming back to the point of putting himself on the same level as the Creator. Take in account that the Old Mother (Durga) has 8-10 arms (depending) making Her as Mother of creation (shaver race) high level management, while four arms would indicate a mid-low level manager, like a simple god of war.

By implementing himself as the most high and lacing all kinds of teachings from the Old World with his lies, he has managed to not only fool most of Mankind, but also himself. The pinnacle being the hanging of the Son of Man on his Symbolic sign.


Even if you do not believe in all of these stories, just remember, it is not really about what You believe, it is about what "they" believe and how "they" conduct themselves towards You and others. After all, Evil is as Evil does...

All Sources/Quotes used are directed per a link to the article in question.

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